5 Stars
I was blessed last year with a shipment of Huntsman before Christmas last year. Gave away a few bottles as gifts paired with Reyka, an Icelandic vodka to friends who now have developed a love for Hunstman Premium Bloody Mary Mix. I kept a bottle in the fridge, just to chug in the morning for a boost of energy. Seriously had to hide the remaining few for myself, because word spread quickly among the Yankees here in Maine who have never had such an awesome taste of Virginia's finest. I have one last bottle for Christmas Eve. Nothing finer than this special treat, makes me think of home and the smell of tomatoes in the big fields outside of Richmond. This is truly a treasure shared with all from the Nash Family. Thank you so much!
~ Audrey J.

5 Stars
Love this! Great mixer for yummy Bloody Marys.
~ Cheryl M.




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