The Huntsman Premium Story

Huntsman Premium Bloody Mary MixWe invite you to try our delicious Bloody Mary Mix. Our mix is an old family recipe enjoyed by many for years. Our story begins with us making this mix in our kitchen and canning it in quart jars to give as gifts and eventually selling our mix by word of mouth. The response was unbelievable, which encouraged us to take the next step to bottle it commercially. The toughest part in doing so, was coming up with a name and a label. We must have come up with at least 100 different names and then it hit us. We saw a painting of our son in law on his horse Bubba, when visiting him and our daughter shortly after they moved into their new home. Just like that, we both knew it was the perfect label for our mix. We started bottling in November 2014 and the rest is history.

We invite you to enjoy our mix and we thank you for your support for many years to come.

             Sue and Lewis Nash


The Professional Bartending Academy